About R&R Tax Services

We Take Care of Those Taxing Finances So You Can Rest Easy

That’s really what it’s all about. 

You want to ensure your tax claims are correct. That’s why you’re here. Whether it’s a straight forward return or a complicated situation, R&R Tax Services is equipped to walk you through. 

As an online service provider I can work with you, whereever you are. This means you don’t waste time getting to meetings and waiting around. It also means clear communication is paramount. We can chat when it suits you. Tap into some of QLD’s laid back lifestyle and enjoy. 

There are many reasons clients have decided to work with us. Some people are just looking for an accounting partner who communicates clearly. Others want to partner with an Aussie family business or even specifically want to support a business Mum. Most people just want to ensure they’re dealing with someone who knows their stuff and will take care of you. 

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Fully Qualified, Experienced & Understanding

When you hand over your finances you want to be sure you’re working with someone who knows their stuff. Guess who knows their stuff? That’s right! After 20 years experience in public practice and endless, ongoing study, you can relax with me. My name is Rebekah and I am R&R Tax Services.

Professional Qualifications
You Can Trust

  • Masters in Applied Taxation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting with sub majors in Business Law and Economics)
  • Bachelor of Communications (Mass Communications with specialisations in Writing, History and Advertising)
  • Certificate in Biblical Analysis of Economics
  • Ongoing annual Continuing Professional Education

Broad and Indepth Experience

With 20 years experience in Public Practice, supplemented by roles in commercial firms, voluntary positions for non-profits and running my own micro businesses over the years, it’s safe to say my experience is in-depth and broad. This includes:

  • Public Accountant: Business Services Manager/Senior Tax Reviewer.
  • Commercial Accountant: CFO/Financial Controller.
  • Board Member: Treasurer/Finance Manager.
  • Solidified experience and mentoring in a big city (Sydney) firm.
  • Founding Board Member/Treasurer of several charities.
  • Managing a weekend events based bookstore for 4 years.
  • Running my own micro practice offering tax, accounting & bookkeeping services since 2008.
  • Training and mentoring junior staff, including preparation and running of training programs.
  • A tendency to work with research requirements in the preparation of complex, unique, and niche tax advice, ATO appeals and other “too hard basket” work.
  • Freelance Writer:
    • Write the monthly Finance article for Sydney’s Family Living Magazine.
    • Ghost write blogs and articles for various financial & other professional firms.

Do you feel like an accountant is some stuffy professional who has never experienced the highs and lows of real life? The challenges of stepping out only to crash and burn. The struggle of building a business from the ground up and facing more challenges than you expected?  The thrill of success after the hard work has taken its toll. 

Well, welcome to my life. I have success, but I’ve also experienced my share of hardships and failures. There have been many highs and lows as I’ve worked alone and with others to build small businesses. I’ve experienced poverty and wealth, road blocks and opportunities, growth and stagnation. I have my strengths, as well as my weaknesses, just like anyone. 

So, can you talk to me? 

Honestly, I’m much better with the written word than I am verbally, but I will get the job done. If you need to have a natter around the office cooler then Caine is sure to step in…

As a small business operator myself I have worked from home at crazy hours, juggled the kids, undervalued my skills, made mistooks, and continually balanced the possibilities.  

I believe that clear, proactive and responsive communication is paramount to a strong business. My diverse range of professional experiences ensure I understand a range of individual and business needs from multiple angles. Furthermore, my personal journey ensures that I truly get what it’s like to live through very different places in life. We all have our unique stories, but come together with the human experience this entwines. 

Do you want to know more? 

If you’re keen to delve into more than the professional ticks and really get into some of that personal element then feel free to check out more about R&R Tax Services