Recreation: The Fun Stuff

The fun stuff is all about, well, the fun. It’s a way to view taxes through a light hearted lens. After all, dealing with money all day can be very stressful. So, we have quick handy tax hints, taxing humour, and a money matters blog. Each one gives you a breather. Handy hints are fun ways to pick up simple tips. Taxing Humour is, as it implies, a way for the government to make money on your giggles, of course. And the money matters blog is there for the readers who want to know a bit more. Go on and pick your poison. Then you can enjoy some of the fun stuff for yourself.

The fun stuff. Australian tax agents are under depreciated for their sense of humour.
Death and taxes

R&R Tax Services: The Fun Stuff

Handy Tax Hints

Handy Tax Hints are our quick video snippets that give you a… well.. a handy tax hint. Each hint it written by our handy tax hand. Check them all out for yourself.

The Funny Stuff: Taxing Humour

Did you know that Australian tax agents are under depreciated for their sense of humour? If you’re not really interested in the boring financial stuff then we’ve still got you covered. Check out our Taxing Humour page for a few laughs.

Lax Tax Fax are not to be tried at home.

Money Matters Blog

Read all about it! From thoughts on money, through budgeting and the tough stuff, you can get a piece of the action by checking out the Blog page.

Other Fun Stuff

Is there more fun stuff? Sorry. I guess there isn’t. This is a super serious business site after all. It’s the place you come to get your tax compliance needs attended to. The relaxation really comes from knowing that you’re in good hands. Professional hands. And yeah, hands that enjoy video clips, a laugh, and a good blog. And the bonus- you get extra recreation time since you’re saving time and money by relying on R&R Tax Services for your taxation needs.