Taxing Humour:
Is that an oxymoron?
Na, it’s just the way your accountant gets a share of your giggles.

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Taxing Humour

This page is here to provide you with some light laughs. You know, in case your finances really are getting a little taxing. So let go and let laugh. Smile a little and enjoy some real R&R. Then, when you’re ready for the serious stuff, send me a message.

Taxing Humour Main Feature:

Lax Tax Fax are totally made up fun facts and suggestions about tax. This means they are absolutley not to be tried at home.

#1: Teach Your Children About Tax

Eat 30% of your their icecream

Taxing Humour: Random Laughs

Want some random laughs that missed the lax tax fax treatment? Then you’re in luck. Here’s some more to help you giggle.

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