When it comes to professional services, sometimes I want to know what you can do for me, sometimes I just want to know what it’s going to cost me…

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You want your refund and you want to know how much it will cost you

Professional Services: Taxation

R&R Tax Services, as the name suggests, is primarily concerned with professional taxation services. Read on for an overview of what I can help you with and an idea of what it will cost you. Remember that fees paid to a registered tax agent are fully tax deductible in the financial year in which you pay them.

Professional services for your taxation needs
Yes, another tax deduction!

Individual Tax Returns

R&R Tax Services specialises in individual tax return compliance. This includes sole traders, foreign residents, and individuals with more complicated claims such as working from home.

Standard Returns:

Let’s just keep things clear. The base rate for a standard individual tax return is $150 plus GST.

This is the fee that an average wage earner will pay for an individual tax return with R&R Tax Services.

If you are a sole trader, an investor, have made a capital gain, or have other complex situations then the base fee for each additional schedule or complexity is $50 plus GST. (It may be higher when there is a particularly extensive or complex situations).

This means the average micro business owner who has kept their records reconciled and clear, and doesn’t have anything particularly complex to deal with, will pay a fee of $200 plus GST.

Additional Schedules Include (but are not limited to):

  • Sole Trader Business Schedules
  • Rental Property
  • Investment Income
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Capital Gains
  • Home Office Calculations
  • Complex Claims

Loyalty Discounts

You will become eligible for potential discounts after you have lodged your return two (2) years in a row with R&R Tax Services.

We appreciate the value of a loyal client and will offer discounts depending on your situation. This may include:

  • Low Income/Unemployment discounts. Once you’re a loyal client then we will drop our fee if you have a rough year. We understand everyone goes through patches and it can be harder to make ends meet and keep up with your obligations at these times.
  • Group discounts (more than one return being prepared and lodged by the same family or lodging an individual return as well as a company/partnership/trust return).
  • Referral discounts. If your loyalty turns you into a raving fan who spreads the word to bring in new clients then we’ll pop on a referral discount as a thanks for sharing!
  • Multiple schedule discounts. If you’re a loyal client who has multiple schedules in your return we will help ease the cost of those extras we prepare for you.

Once we are working with you, we want to keep working with you.

Professional business services to help keep your business on track
Keep your business on track

Companies, Trusts & Partnerships Tax Returns

Yes R&R Tax Services can assist with the preparation and lodgement of your Company, Trust and Partnership Tax Returns.

Straightforward tax returns commence at:

Company: $450

Partnership: $350

Trust: $450

Since these returns can involve more extensive work, reconciliations, and complexities, the fee for your particular job may be higher. Please talk to us for a quote based on your situation.

Other Professional Services for Individuals


Do you need help budgeting? Whether you need a full consultation or access to some basic free tips, R&R Tax Services can spare some sense.

ATO Appeals and Objections

Disagree with an ATO decision? Need assistance sorting out a previously lodged mess. We can assist with writing appeals, objections, and providing additional support to help clear things up.

Professional Services to support your individual needs
Need support with budgeting or ATO appeals and objections?

Professional Services for Businesses

Business Registrations

  • Register a new company, sole trader, partnership, or trust
  • Business Plans
  • Applications

Costs will depend on your setup, the advice included, the type of entity you choose, and associated government fees and charges to cover.

Accounting Services

Need some financials prepared as well? We can certainly do up a set of financial accounts for you. This can be done on an annual basis with your tax return or on a regular period for management accounting. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bookkeeping Services

R&R Tax Services can set you up to run your own books or help manage your bookkeeping for you. We can even lock in a fixed monthly rate based on your business requirements to help you stay on budget.

To provide quality bookeeping services at a reasonable rate, R&R Tax Services has paired up with dedicated bookkeepers. The bookeepers do the day to day bookeeping and have R&R Tax Services on hand to obtain advice, support, and to take over GST or tax matters when required.

Business Analysis & Support

Not sure where your business is going wrong? Looking for some guidance to improve your cashflow? Talk to R&R Tax Services to get a clear picture and make some practical changes today.

Business Setup

Are you starting a new business? Need some advice on what to do? Want a professional to get it all done for you? Talk to R&R Tax Services for some friendly, professional guidance. Whether you just need an informal chat to understand your options, or a complete assessment with written advice, we’ll meet you where you’re at. We can even help prepare your business plan, financial forecasts, and business strategies.