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I will respond to your queries, answer your questions, and explain concepts that you’re unclear on. 


As a tax agent it’s my job to ensure that the claims you make in your return are valid, justifiable, and properly evidenced. 


If you want the best tax refund possible you need to keep the records that will maximise your valid claims.  I’ll help you understand what records you need to keep to make the most of your deductions. 


I’ll take care of everything from a straight forward return to a complex mess. We’ll discuss options and information when I need to clarify things, then you can sit back while I do the hard work for you. 

Fee Clarity

Fixed Fees keep your budget in check with a fixed fee tax return.
Most individuals will simply pay the base fee. Additional schedules & complexities are $55 each, and discounts are available for loyal customers with low income, multiple returns and more. 


$ 165

/ base fee

Wage Income

Work Deductions

Working From Home

Centrelink Income

Pension Income

Sole Trader

$ 220

/ base fee

Business Income

Hobby Income

Professional Services Income

Micro Business

Home Based Business


$ 220

/ base fee

Rental Property 

Dividends, ESS

Capital Gains

Trust Distributions

Partnership Distributions


Do I need to lodge a separate return for my business?

If you are running a business as a sole trader then your sole trader business must be included in your own personal income tax return.  

If your business is run through a separate entity, such as a partnership, a company, or a trust, then any income distributed to you from those entities needs to be included in your personal return. This may include wages, director’s fees, Personal Services Income, trust distribution, partnership profit share, dividends, or interest on loans. 

Do I need to lodge separate tax returns for every job I worked?

No. You, as an individual, are required to lodge one single tax return each tax year. This tax return must include all of your income from all sources. It is a legal requirement to ensure that your tax return  includes all of your income from all jobs and other income sources. You can be fined or penalised if you lodge a return knowing you are leaving out some of your income. 

What information will I need to give you?

As a tax agent I will be able to access most income from the ATO. However I will need you to provide any income that is missing from the ATO’s data. This will include any business income, foreign income, and any other income that hasn’t been reported to the ATO. 

You will also need to provide me with your expense details so I can work out your net taxable income and provide you with a tax effective return. I will run through the essential queries to help find any valid claims you may have. 

What if I’ve lost all my reciepts?

If you have lost your reciepts and other evidence for your claims then this will limit your ability to make claims. We will go over the required evidence for deductions to work out the maximum amounts you can claim in this situation. 

Where reciepts have been lost due to a disaster it may be possible to reconstruct your claims with the ATO to reach a better outcome.  

How quickly can I get my refund?

Once your tax return is lodged the ATO typically takes around 2 weeks to process an individual return and issue your refund. We cannot do anything to speed up this process. They can take up to 30 days before we can make an enquiry to follow up on any holdups in the refund process. 

Why is my refund smaller than my workmate’s refund?

It is not really possible to compare one tax return to another without having all the data, even if you earn the same amount of wages as each other. There are so many factors that go into calculating a tax refund, including how much you have spent on applicable tax deductions, access to tax concessions and offsets, the impact of family income, and the impact of income and tax withheld from other sources. 

How can I make the most claims possible?

1: Keep your receipts. Without evidence of what you spent and what you purchased, you may miss out on eligible deductions.  
2: Keep log records. For anything that is partly personal and partly work related you must have log records to work out your work related use. 
3: Strategise before the end of the year. Knowing what is deductible and what isn’t, can help you make tax effective decisions. 

I paid $2,000 for work tools over the year, why isn’t my refund over $2,000?

A tax deduction is not the same thing as a reimbursement. Spending money on tax deductions is not a guarantee that you will get any money back. All a tax deduction does is reduce your taxable income. Your taxable income is what your tax is calculated on. If you’ve paid more PAYGW and PAYGI to the ATO during the year than you needed to, then you get a tax refund. If you haven’t paid any PAYG to the ATO during the year then you won’t have any refund as the ATO. Instead, your deductions will help reduce your tax payable. 

What is Personal Services Income (PSI)?

Personal services income is essentially wage like income that you earned for your personal services through a business like structure. This may be through a sole trader ABN, a partnership, a trust or a company. 

In simple terms, there is certain types of income that the ATO deems to be effectively the same as wages. To ensure that the income goes directly to the person who worked for it, the ATO has special rules around PSI that require income distribution and restrict allowable deductions that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to an employee working under a conventional wage position. 

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