Individual Tax Return Preparation

    Fee Clarity


    $ 165 Base Fee
    • Wage Income
    • Work Deductions
    • Working From Home Specialist

    Sole Trader

    Micro Business
    $ 220 Base Fee
    • Business Income
    • Hobby Income
    • Professional Services Income


    $ 220 Base Fee
    • Rental Property
    • Dividends/ Trust Distributions
    • Capital Gains


    $ 165
    • Centrelink Income
    • Bank Interest
    • Superannuation Stream/Lump Sum

    Rest easy with an individual tax return preparation specialist. 

    The team at R&R Tax Services has decades of experience working with a wide variety of individual tax returns, from basic wage earners to investors and complex sole traders.

    As an Australian wide service most of our clients are online. However if you are local to Mackay and prefer to meet up face to face then we are happy to do so. 

    We offer a clear pricing structure for a professional service, so you know where you stand.

    Since you’re working with a registered tax agent your fee is fully tax deductible in the tax year in which it is paid. 

    Straightforward Individual Tax Return Preparation. Happy with your refund.
    Keeping it clear

    Fees For Individual Tax Return Preparation and Lodgement

    Standard Returns:

    The base rate for a standard individual tax return is $165 (including GST).

    We offer discounts for certain situations and there are fees for additional schedules and complexities.

    Sole Traders, Investors, & More Complicated Returns:

    Additional schedules and complexities will be added as an additional fee of $55 each (Including GST).

    This means the average investor or micro business owner with a straight forward return will pay a fee of $220 (or $275 if you have both a rental property and a micro business).

    Particularly complex or unique situations requiring extensive work, in depth reconciliations, or negotiations with the ATO will be discussed in advance and may incur an additional fee for both the schedule and the required calculations/discussions or considerations. 

    Additional Schedules Include (but are not limited to):

    • Sole Trader Business Schedules
    • Rental Property Schedules
    • Investment Income
    • Employee Share Schemes
    • Capital Gains
    • Home Office Calculations
    • Complex Claims (For example complicated working from home arrangements)

    Loyalty Discounts

    Rather than offering free and reduced cost incentives to get people to sign up with R&R Tax Services, we believe in rewarding loyalty.

    You will become eligible for potential discounts after you have lodged your return two (2) years in a row with R&R Tax Services and have no outstanding or overdue returns with the ATO.

    We appreciate the value of a loyal client and will offer discounts depending on your situation. This may include:

    • Low Income/Unemployment/Pensioner discounts. We understand everyone goes through patches and it can be harder to make ends meet and keep up with your obligations at these times.
    • Group discounts (more than one return being prepared and lodged by the same family or lodging an individual return as well as a company/partnership/trust return). Lodge together and save!
    • Referral discounts. If your loyalty turns you into a raving fan who spreads the word to bring in new clients then we’ll pop on a referral discount as a thanks for sharing!
    • Multiple schedule discounts. If you’re a loyal client who has multiple schedules in your return we will help ease the cost of those extras we prepare for you.
    • Longterm Loyalty. Simply for continuing to be a loyal customer to R&R Tax Services. 

    Once we are working with you, we want to keep working with you. If something is bothering you, just give us a holler and we’ll figure it out.