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Handy Tax Hints Summary

#1 Keep your reciepts. You can do this by using an app to photograph them

#2 Track how often you wash your work uniform. If you have a valid work uniform this can add up over the year.

#3 Keep a valid logbook. This is important if you use your car a lot for work.

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#3 Keep a Valid Logbook

If you use your car for work purposes keep a valid logbook. Work purposes may include driving to different worksite or transporting heavy tools or people.

Keep a valid logbook to get the best tax deduction

#2 Track The Home Laundry of Your Compulsory Work Uniform

If you have an eligible uniform you may be able to claim home laundry. That’s why you should track the number of loads you do for the best claim possible.

Track how often you wash your work uniform

#1 Keep Your Reciepts: Use a Free App

The more reciepts you keep, the better you are placed for a decent tax claim. If you struggle with this, then use a free app for easy record keeping.

Keep Your Tax Reciepts
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