Community Support: Grassroot solutions to systemic problems

R&R Tax Services carefully selects various organisations that provide genuine community support. That’s why I am a proud supporter of organisations who provide grassroots solutions to systemic problems.

Community Support I Work Closely With

Haven of Hope Australia

Haven of Hope Australia provides support for single parents. Their particular focus are on single mothers at risk of losing their children to foster care. They provide supported accommodation, education, mentoring, counselling and a full program. This program helps them transition from isolation to participative members of their community.

Graceworx Inc.

Graceworx provides a grassroots approach to intervening with the cycle of poverty and trauma. While they do help natural disaster victims recover and rebuild, there is so much more. They’ve built schools and wells for communities. Families have been trained and setup in businesses. This enables them to become self-sufficient. Children are supported through school so that they get the education their parents missed. It’s about working on the building blocks for families and communities.

Local Community Support

QLD Neighbourhood Watch Streetsmart Program

R&R Tax Services supports the street smart handbook. This is the official publication Neighbourhood watch Australiasia. The aim is to assist teenagers with subjects such as cyber bulling, depression, drugs, and other dangers. It’s about creating a safe, inclusive community.

Community support for the actual community. R&R Tax Services supports keeping kids safe in the neighbourhood
Watching out for the local neighbourhood

Intervening In Poverty

Have you ever had to make the choice between feeding your child or feeding yourself? Has anyone turned you down for a job because you couldn’t afford the clothes needed to look the part? Was there a time you just didn’t know how to make it through the next week? Do you find yourself burdened by late fees and monthly charges for payment plans? This is what poverty looks like. It traps people in system that penalises for being poor.

Australia is a blessed country. For us, poverty is not necessarily the end of the world. It’s a struggle. But it’s not necessarily a death sentance. However that doesn’t mean it’s something we can ignore. Poverty still leads to kids missing out on education. It creates broken families, homelessness, suicide, and despair. They are also more susceptible to abuse and crime. That’s why people living in poverty drain the economy and struggle to break free.

Poverty is not just about missing out on the latest brand name clothing. It’s disconnection. That means no community support. That’s why poverty is a cyclical issue. Poverty leads to disadvantages such as poor role models. Then poor role models lead to poverty. And the cycle continues. It also means basic needs aren’t met. Being born into poverty presents significant disadvantages. There’s less access to eduction, poor role models, and a struggle with stigma.


Intervention is not just about throwing around handouts. Handouts can buy someone food for a week. There is definately a place for them. In fact, they can be just what is needed for someone in a crisis situation. But it’s not enough for someone trapped in a cycle of poverty. Bad habits, lack of access to support, trauma, malnutrition, and poor education are all barriers. Each one can make it hard to break free. Unfortunately these barriers tend to pass between generations.

The charities and non-profits that R&R Tax Services supports rely on grassroots solution approaches. This is where families are trained and setup to run their own businesses. Children are supported through school. Single mothers are given support to become valuable members of their community. Trauma is addressed. Schools are built. Wells are dug. It’s differences that make more than a superficial change.

When you work with R&R Tax Services, you are working with someone who cares. Is that corny? Probably. But it’s true.

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Supporting Your Community

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