If you’re running a business then you’ll need to lodge business tax return. Maxmise your deductions and reduce your stress by working with R&R Tax Services. While we’re working on the business stuff you can even check out the fun stuff.

Are you a sole trader, in partnership, running a trust or a company? Then you need to ensure your tax returns are taken care of properly. At R&R Tax Services, whatever your business is, we make it our business to ensure your business is taken care of. To ensure this is the case I’ve worked hard to obtain the best experience and qualifications you can get. That’s why I am a Chartered Accountant. And a registered tax agent of course. Plus a Chartered Tax Adviser.

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Fees For Preparing and Lodging a Business Tax Return

The complexity of a business can vary greatly, which is why most firms won’t advertise prices for these kind of services. You can pay anywhere from $200 to $5000 an hour for tax agent services. Even in lower priced firms, complicated jobs will run up into thousands. We understand that people like to have a ballpark idea of costs. So here is the base fee that we work with for tax return preparation:

Sole Trader Tax Return: From $270

Partnership Tax Return: From $450

Trust Tax Return: From $650

Company Tax Return: From $650

Self Managed Superannuation Fund Tax Return: From $700

Most small business will be charged these fees. Just make sure your information has been collated and reconciled so that you’re not being charged accounting rates to sort out bookkeeping issues. (P.S. we can also help with bookkeeping support). If you also need financial accounts to be prepared then we can help with that too.

When your finances become a little taxing… get some R&R.