Contact R&R Tax services for exceptional bookkeeping online. I’m a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience under my belt. This means you get exceptional bookkeeping. I am also a registered tax agent and Chartered Tax Adviser. Therefore GST, fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax, and income tax requirements are no drama.

With online bookkeeping services you’ve got two options. I can provide services directly. This gives you a highly skilled and qualified accountant. Since this can be a pricey endeavour you might prefer the alternative. That’s when my bookkeeping partner steps in. You’ll still get my full support. Your day to day data will just be managed by a dedicated bookkeeper. My bookkeeping services are supplied by Bennett Bookkeeping Services.

The Benefits of Bookkeeping Online

  • Flexible support.
  • Ability to cater for unique working hours.
  • No office space to worry about. That’s great news if you work from home. Or if you only need someone for a few hours a week.
  • A dedicated professional team. This includes skills and experience gleaned from working with a range of businesses.
  • Gets all your paperwork online. This requires processes to be more efficient and effective.
  • A bookkeeper who is working with your business, not just for your business.

Benefits of working directly with R&R Tax Services:

  • A Chartered Accountant is directly taking care of your bookkeeping. Therefore you’re getting the best support possible.
  • A registered tax agent is direcly taking care of your bookkeeping. Therefore I can legally and professionally take care of your GST and tax issues.
  • One consistent person manages everything. This includes the books, taxes and advice.
  • I am also a Chartered Tax Adviser. This means I have specialised tax qualifications.

The benefit of working with a partnered bookkeeping service:

  • Direct access to the above benefits.
  • While saving on cost by utilising bookkeeping rates. (i.e. You’re not paying for Chartered Accountant rates for simple tasks like data entry)
  • Increased efficiency. That’s because you’re working with people who regularly work together.
  • Your bookkeeper is fully supported. This means they have on hand access to professional assistance. When they require advice, reviews, and direction, they’ve got it. If they come across a complex situation, it can be handled.
  • R&R Tax Services steps in when a registered BAS or tax agent is required. This means a legally registered practitioner is taking care of your GST and tax obligations.
  • The partnership can work under an agreed monthly fee or retainer. This means no nasty invoicing surprises. That is great for your budget.
  • You have a team working for you. This means your accounts get double checked with fresh eyes.
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Bookkeeping Services that keep you on track

Did you Know…

Only a registered Tax or BAS agent can charge you for certain services. A registered tax agent is required for GST and tax issues.

Tax work is regulated for a reason. It’s a specialised field that is constantly being updated. When you lodge a tax form there are unique rules and regulations that you are legally responsible. This means you want to be sure you’re working with an experienced tax agent. If your bookkeeper or accountant is not a registered BAS agent then they are not qualified to work with GST. That’s why they are not allowed to charge you for BAS preparation and lodgement.

Bookkeepers don’t have any specific qualifications. However good bookkeepers will undergo foundational studies. That’s because bookkeeping is not a simple matter. This ensures your accounts are properly taken care of. Good bookkeepers also know their limits. There comes a point when an accountant is required to step in.

What’s the Difference Between a BAS Agent and a Tax Agent?

A BAS agent is registered to prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS). Bas agents have less rigorous requirements than a tax agent. That’s because they are restricted to only providing BAS services. They cannot prepare tax returns.

A Tax agent is licensed to prepare and lodge all taxation forms. This includes BAS statements. All tax agents have to pass rigourous educational and/or experience requirements to be registered. They are also required to follow rules of moral conduct. All up, this makes them the expert you need.

Ensure you are being supported by a fully qualified, licensed practice. Tax Agent. Chartered Accountant. Chartered Tax Adviser with your bookkeeping online.
Ensure you are being supported by a fully qualified, licensed practice

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